Let’s play a guessing game. I’ll give you five clues and then you guess what I’m talking about. Its moody, it gets zits, it takes the city bus to school, it likes to rebel and it talks during class. You’ve probably guessed by now that I am talking about the typical teenager. I must say, being a teenager in America during modern times can be pretty enjoyable (though rough).

            What I like about youth culture, a.k.a being a teenager, is being independent. You get to dress the way you want without your parents interfering. You can take the bus to school, when you want to go to the mall or to a friend’s house. You depend less on your parents and more on your gut feeling. And looking forward to getting a job and driving when you turn sixteen is pretty cool too. Independence makes you feel like you are your own person and not some one’s little robot.

            Another thing I like about being a teenager is learning who you are as a person while being in the phase between child and adult. You have new responsibilities but they’re not too challenging or an insult to your strengths. I like finding out what I’m good at, what are my fixable weaknesses and discovering my potential. I think discovering your taste in entertainment, food, fashion, and people (friendships\relationships) is really important during your youth. Life is much like a novel, building character cannot happen at the very beginning or very end. Having a good character can help you have a great future. Of course, you will soon see that there is something blocking our development.

            If I could change one thing about youth culture it would be the relationship between teens and the future. A lot of adults have forgotten what its like to be a teenager in America because they say our only problems are pimples, not having a date Friday night and what’s to watch on TV, this may be true for the most part but what they don’t realize is that the times have gotten tougher. Not only do we have to worry about getting jumped, report cards and looking like a loser amongst peers, but we are the next set of adults and we all hope we will fix –not ruin further- this one planet we have.

            What makes this harder is that our schools are low funded because of bad test scores, there are bad test scores because we have old textbooks, out dated computers and sometimes the teachers aren’t motivating and we have these things because of low funding (I think you get the picture). There are evil people out there that are telling us that we don’t need to succeed in school, we’re stupid enough to believe that we can become rappers or athletes and we’ll be set for life. They want us to fail so when we grow up they’ll have us to work cheap labor while their kids get the top-notch jobs, make loads of money and live in the safe neighborhoods. Everything would change if we learned not to give up, it seems like everyone is doing it before they even try. If you give up on a test, you are giving up on your future. Let me make this clear,

Effort + test =funding for education =success.

Now doesn’t that make sense?