Like a little kid on Christmas morning, I greedily forced the new Cd from the case and placed it in my stereo. Turning the volume high, I am unprepared for the awesomeness pulsing through my headphones (mom won’t let me play my music loud and free). I am taken back by the use of keyboards and clever rhyming. I can’t stop myself from dancing foolishly to the beats in the privacy of my room.

            Tokio Hotel’s 2009 released album ‘Humanoid’ is not your older brother’s get high or die type of music, it’s totally something else, there is honestly no other album out there to compare ‘Humanoid’ to (and Patrick, I mean from this century).

            Tokio Hotel is without a doubt a genre of its own. The album ‘Humanoid’ is the next generation of pop-alternative-rock music. They’ve really out done themselves this time. From their hip-shaking track ‘Noise’ to their more slowed-down, heart melting song ‘Zoom into me’ you will never stop listening.

            You’ll fall in love with them all over again. Their album ‘Humanoid’ will render you speechless and wondering if ‘Human connect to human’ is about sex, and how do they come up with this stuff. They’ve really set themselves apart from any other band. Even if you hate them, lets face it, you can’t stop thinking about them, especially lead singer Bill Kaulitz. The album has a matrix feel to it, (could it be because they work with The Matrix?)They’ve really matured as a band.

            Tokio hotel’s ‘Humanoid’ is revolutionary, don’t believe me? Check them out! And if you don’t, a race of alien robots from another chaotic galaxy will elimenate mankind. (Okay, that won’t happen but what if?) What I’m saying people is that Tokio Hotel has the potential to be great, (they just need to discover at what). I give ‘Humanoid’ a 9 out of 10 (they still have work to do).