when ever i dream about a real person-especially someone i dont know- i start to see them in a new way. and i dont mean those goofy dreams where random objects melt into flowers or someone’s head explodes. i am talking about vivid, realistic dreams with meaning.
    this guy from my school was in my dream last night.  i only know his first name but here we will call him brian. we’ve never talked and we only have one class together and he is always skipping it.
In my dream he stole my diary to make it his own. when i took it back i read some pretty powerful stuff (he didnt even care) he just sat comatose in the front seat of a 1950 model of a hearse. any ways, it revealed that there was something deep, dark and broken about him. something like me. i cant help but wonder if this sheds any truth on this boy’s life. maybe i’ve judged him too harshly. maybe there is something there no one else sees (?)
my dream also had a reference towards indian traditons and the closeness of tribes. some time ago in my english class we read Sherman Alexi’s DIARY OF A PART TIME INDIAN. could this mean something? i was able to relate to Junior, maybe brian can too. maybe we can relate to each other.
what if this dream means i shouldnt judge people, even though i keep it to myslef, because deep down, where it maters most, we’re all the same. we all have our own shame and regrets to carry on till judgement day.
i dont know if my conscious is trying to tell me something or what, all i know is that this dream bothered me so much.