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my body is not a land you can take

cant change me.

i am all these things.
all these things i am.
i am of a body no man could rule.
i am of a mind no man could fool.
i am of a spirit no man could shake.
i am of a heart no man could break.
i am of a eye no man could blind.
i am of a voice no man could find.
i am of a mouth no man could shut.
i am of a life no man could cut.
i am of a kiss no man could trust.
i am of a touch no man could rust.
i am of a Lord no man could  deny.
i am of a truth no man could lie.
all these things i am.
i am all these things.

Hello world!



anyone out there?


everyones dead out there.

the dawn brings a new day,

a crimson sky to lead our way.


no one out there.


we did this.