you can lead me away,
just know i  want just disappear.
you dont want me to say,
just know they will hear.
you force me to leave,
just know i’ll be back for you.
you have a trick up your sleave,
just know i do too.
you have the hour, the chemestry,
just know i exsist.
you have the power, the weaponry,
just know i’ll resist.
it doesnt have to be this way,
i know you know you’re wrong.
we dont all have to die today,
i know you’ve known all along.
i can make this easy,i can make this hard,
you know i wont go down with out a fight.
i know whats my right.
i will never lose hope because thats my guard.
to let go would be unothordox.
now  you’ll have me on the count of 3.
i live from dying is my paradox.
now you have me-
-where you want me.