The first time you heard Tokio Hotel’s heart felt track ‘Automatic,’ how did you visualize the music video? Did you imagine Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg driving in separate sport cars in the dessert? Did you picture Tokio Hotel performing around wreckage? How about two robots fighting? If so, then you have phsychic powers  because that is exactly what happens in the music video for Automatic.

            The song itself is amazing and catchy, but the video is something to pay close attention to. It wasn’t until the end that I realized that one of the robots was a girl and when I watched the video a third time I realized that the song and the video do connect. The robot couple fighting is kind of sweet and takes the song’s meaning to a new level.

            The music video for Automatic brings me back to the theme of the album. What is the meaning behind Humanoid? How do all the songs tie together? And what’s up with bill dressing so dramatic (what’s that on his jacket? Fur? Feathers? I don’t want to know.)

            Anyways it’s a great music video. WHAT DO YOU THINK?