ashes to ashes,
we all have our crosses to bare,
she told me through an open window stare.
even if her pictures fade into forgotten shivers,
i’ll remember her as clearly as if she’s here.
even if the words in her letters smear into inky rivers,
i’ll remember¬†those words as if she’s saying them in my ear.
even though she’s gone my heart doesnt care,
i dance with her ghost as the skeletons in my closet play a song.
even though to reality memories cant compare,
amongst my life they do belong.
i know she’s dead and gone
but our love will march on.
i know her corpse is decayed and rotten
but her beauty wont be forgotten.
love like this cant ever die,
its with this truth that i believe.
hope like this cant ever say goodbye,
its with this lie that i leave.
ashes to ashes,
we all have our crosses to bare and you are mine,
i told her through my break in time.